Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Notes

This document describes some important notes about configuring and using Enfold Server.

Version 4.5 (January, 2009)

  • Updates Plone to version 3.1.7.
  • You can now run easy_install to update Plone products or libraries (Read more).
  • Upgrades several libraries and contains bug fixes for Kupu, browser compatibility, internationalization and the interface.
  • Includes several small new features, including an option to disable inline editing and another to choose versioning to be manual instead of automatic.
  • Repairs bugs specific to Enfold Server related to Windows authentication, installation and Kupu.
  • Provides a workaround for running Scheduled Tasks on Windows Server 2003.
  • The installation now includes a new 200+ page User Guide to Plone (PDF).

Full Product List

List of products included with Enfold Server 4.0:

ATContentTypes (Installed product ATContentTypes (1.2.5))
ATReferenceBrowserWidget (Installed product ATReferenceBrowserWidget (2.0.3))
AdvancedQuery (Installed product AdvancedQuery (2.2 for Zope 2.7+/2.8, Python 2.3/2.4))
Archetypes (Installed product Archetypes (1.5.9))
BTreeFolder2 (Installed product BTreeFolder2 (BTreeFolder2-1.0.2))
CMFActionIcons (Installed product CMFActionIcons (CMF-2.1.1))
CMFCalendar (Installed product CMFCalendar (CMF-2.1.1))
CMFCore (Installed product CMFCore (2.1.1))
CMFDefault (Installed product CMFDefault (CMF-2.1.1))
CMFDiffTool (Installed product CMFDiffTool (0.4))
CMFDynamicViewFTI (Installed product CMFDynamicViewFTI (3.0.2))
CMFEditions (Installed product CMFEditions (1.1.7))
CMFFormController (Installed product CMFFormController (2.1.2))
CMFPlacefulWorkflow (Installed product CMFPlacefulWorkflow (1.3.1))
CMFPlone (Installed product CMFPlone (3.1.7))
CMFPropertySets (Installed product CMFPropertySets (4.0.1))
CMFQuickInstallerTool (Installed product CMFQuickInstallerTool (2.1.6))
CMFSquidTool (Installed product CMFSquidTool (1.3.1))
CMFTestCase (Installed product CMFTestCase (0.9.7))
CMFTopic (Installed product CMFTopic (CMF-2.1.1))
CMFUid (Installed product CMFUid (CMF-2.1.1))
Calendaring (Installed product Calendaring (0.3.0))
Challenger (Installed product Challenger (3.0.1))
Chasseur (Installed product Chasseur (1.0.1))
DCWorkflow (Installed product DCWorkflow (CMF-2.1.1))
DavPack (Installed product DavPack (4.0.0))
EnfoldErrorReporting (Installed product EnfoldErrorReporting (0.2))
EnfoldServer (Installed product EnfoldServer (4.5.0))
EnfoldTheme (Installed product EnfoldTheme (1.0))
EnfoldTools (Installed product EnfoldTools (3.0.0))
EnfoldWindowsPlugins (Installed product EnfoldWindowsPlugins (4.0.0))
ExtendedPathIndex (Installed product ExtendedPathIndex (2.4))
ExtensionRename (Installed product ExtensionRename (4.0.0))
ExternalEditor (Installed product ExternalEditor (1.0a2))
ExternalMethod (Installed product ExternalMethod (External Method-1-0-0))
FCKeditor (Installed product FCKeditor (
FileTemplate (Installed product FileTemplate (1.0.0))
FilterPack (Installed product FilterPack (2.0.0))
Five (Installed product Five (Five 1.5.6))
GenericSetup (Installed product GenericSetup (1.4.1))
GroupUserFolder (Installed product GroupUserFolder (3.55.1))
LDAPMultiPlugins (Installed product LDAPMultiPlugins (1.7))
LDAPProfiles (Installed product LDAPProfiles (0.1.0))
LDAPUserFolder (Installed product LDAPUserFolder (2.12))
Lime (Installed product Lime (3.0.0))
MIMETools (Installed product MIMETools)
MailHost (Installed product MailHost (MailHost-1-3-0))
Marshall (Installed product Marshall (1.0.0))
MimetypesRegistry (Installed product MimetypesRegistry (1.6.0))
NuPlone (Installed product NuPlone (trunk))
OFSP (Installed product OFSP (OFSP-1-0-0))
PageTemplates (Installed product PageTemplates (PageTemplates-1-4-0))
PasswordResetTool (Installed product PasswordResetTool (1.1))
PlacelessTranslationService (Installed product PlacelessTranslationService (1.4.13))
Plasma (Installed product Plasma (4.0.1))
PloneLDAP (Installed product PloneLDAP (1.2 (svn/unreleased)))
PloneLanguageTool (Installed product PloneLanguageTool (2.0.3))
PloneLockManager (Installed product PloneLockManager (4.0.1))
PlonePAS (Installed product PlonePAS (3.6))
PloneTestCase (Installed product PloneTestCase (0.9.7))
PloneTranslations (Installed product PloneTranslations (3.1.4))
PluggableAuthService (Installed product PluggableAuthService (PluggableAuthService-1.5.3))
PluginIndexes (Installed product PluginIndexes)
PluginRegistry (Installed product PluginRegistry (1.1.2))
PolicyHTTPCacheManager (Installed product PolicyHTTPCacheManager (1.0.0))
PortalTransforms (Installed product PortalTransforms (1.6.0))
Products.ResourceRegistries (Installed product Products.ResourceRegistries (1.4.2))
PropertySets (Installed product PropertySets (4.0.0))
PythonScripts (Installed product PythonScripts (PythonScripts-2-0-0))
ResourceRegistries (Installed product ResourceRegistries (1.4.2))
SecureMailHost (Installed product SecureMailHost (1.1))
Sessions (Installed product Sessions)
ShellExServer (Installed product ShellExServer (4.5.0))
SiteAccess (Installed product SiteAccess (SiteAccess-2-0-0))
SiteErrorLog (Installed product SiteErrorLog)
StandardCacheManagers (Installed product StandardCacheManagers (StandardCacheManagers-1-1-0))
TemporaryFolder (Installed product TemporaryFolder)
TextIndexNG2 (Installed product TextIndexNG2 (2.2.0))
Transience (Installed product Transience)
ZCTextIndex (Installed product ZCTextIndex)
ZCatalog (Installed product ZCatalog (ZCatalog-2-2-0))
ZGadflyDA (Installed product ZGadflyDA)
ZODBMountPoint (Installed product ZODBMountPoint)
ZReST (Installed product ZReST (1.1))
ZSQLMethods (Installed product ZSQLMethods)
ZopeVersionControl (Installed product ZopeVersionControl (ZopeVersionControl-0.3.4))
borg.localrole (Installed product borg.localrole)
kupu (Installed product kupu (kupu 1.4.12))
plone (Installed product plone) (Installed product (1.1.2)) (Installed product (1.1.5)) (Installed product (1.0.10)) (Installed product (1.1)) (Installed product
plone.openid (Installed product plone.openid)
plone.portlet.collection (Installed product plone.portlet.collection (1.1.3))
plone.portlet.static (Installed product plone.portlet.static (1.1.5))
plone.session (Installed product plone.session)
statusmessages (Installed product statusmessages (3.0.3))
validation (Installed product validation (1.5.2)) (Installed product
zadoa (Installed product zadoa (1.1.0))

Version 4.0 (June, 2008)

  • Compatible with Plone 3x; support for Plone 3x ZODB import
  • Significant improvements to documentation & configuration wizard for ease of use.
  • General performance improvements
  • Active Directory Integration went through massive optimization to remove unneeded and duplicate queries.
  • Faster and broader indexing (more file formats are supported, eg: Open Office 2.x)
  • ADO database connector now supports savepoints (provided that the underlying database also does so).
  • ADO database connector will reconnect automatically after a connection failure.
  • Enfold Configuration Utility will now warn about conflicting ports when you have more than one Zope instance.
  • Enfold Configuration Utility "About" page now displays information about installed version of Enfold Server.
  • Installer and Configuration Utility correctly triggers UAC prompt on Windows Vista.
  • When changing Authentication Profiles, the authentication cache will be cleared automatically without the Administrator needing to manually clear the authentication cache.
  • Immediately shuts down services if they try to open ports that conflict with other open system ports (instead of retrying indefinitely).
  • Installer properly warns you if you create a new service user where the provided password does not meet Domain Policy Security Requirements (previously it would fail silently).
  • Enfold Server includes Plone 3.1x, which offers significant extra features over 2.x versions of Plone. That includes wiki support, versioning, inline editing, new presentation mode, auto-generated Table of Contents and link checking.

Also, in June 2008 Enfold System changed their product support plans to an annual subscription that covers licensing, upgrades and support. (Read more about Enfold Systems support options ).

Known Issues

Here is a brief list of issues that were known to cause problems at the time of Enfold Server's 4.0 software release.

  • Support for Windows Server 2008 is still being tested.
  • If you are using an authentication profile with Trusted Proxy and are using NTLM authentication, the 'last login time' variable in PlonePAS will not be set.
  • If you have several Zope clients which you wish to restart at the same time, you should start the second one a short time (maybe 15-30 seconds) after starting the first client. If the two clients are started or restarted too close in time to one another, there is a possibility that the second client will not initialize properly and will need to be restarted.
  • When using SQL with zadoa, you must create an alias for count()*. (Read more about Zadoa known issues ).
  • Add-on products which use ZODB's savepoint() feature might conflict with using the ADO adapter if they are both called within the same transaction. The symptom for this failure is that you will receive an exception saying that no new transactions can be started.