Installing Enfold Server

Installing Enfold Server

Installing Enfold Server

These instructions cover creating a new Enfold Server installation. There are several preparation steps to take before actually running the installer.

Requirements Checklist

Before installing, you should go over this pre-install checklist.

See also: Users & Security Reference Guide.

  1. Are you upgrading? If yes, see Upgrading Enfold Server .

  2. Does your machine meet the Enfold Server system requirements? (Read more about Selecting Hardware for Your Deployment).

  3. Are Ports 8080 and 9999 free? You will need at least these free ports to be able to view your site when the installer finishes.

    Note: If other services are using these ports, you can run the installer and then change the ports Enfold Server uses as described in Best practices - administration.

  4. Is Enfold Server already installed? Enfold Systems does not support multiple Enfold Server instances on a single machine.

  5. Does the installing user have rights to install software on the local machine? (See Giving a Domain User Local Administrator Privileges)

  6. Is the machine a member of a Windows domain? This is necessary only if you want to manage Plone users through Active Directory or use Windows single sign on. (See Users & Security Reference Guide for assistance about connecting to a Windows domain).

  7. (If logged in as a domain user) Does the person installing Enfold Server have the user name and password of another domain user who will be the service user? You will need to supply the username and correct password when you select the service user. This will not be necessary if the installing user already has rights to create a new domain user.

  8. Does your machine have at least 500 MB of free space? The install wizard won't start the installation if you don't.

    Caution: For security reasons, the service user is not supposed to have any kind of administrative privileges (such as write access to the Windows registry). For more information about running services securely, see the Microsoft TechNet Services and Service Accounts Security Planning Guide.

Running the Installer

To run the installer:

  1. Download the installation file and double-click it. In the Open File box, click Run.

  2. The setup wizard begins. Close all other applications and click Next.

  3. Review the license agreement and click I accept the agreement. (If you don't, you will not be able to continue). and then click Next.

  4. The wizard suggests an installation location. This location should be fine in most cases, but if you prefer to install to a different location, you can enter it or click Browse to find it. When you are satisfied with the installation location, click Next and then Install.

  5. The installer takes a few minutes to install the files. When you see Completing the Enfold Server Setup Wizard, click Finish.

  6. A second wizard begins to take you through the configuration process. Click next.

    Note: If the second stage of the installer is canceled or interrupted, or you want to use this wizard to reconfigure Enfold Server, you can rerun it from this point by clicking Start on the taskbar, pointing to All Programs, then Enfold Server, then Development, then clicking Installation Wizard (2nd stage).

  7. Enter a username and password to create a Zope administrator user account. (This account allows direct access to the Zope Management (ZMI) and works independently of any authentication profiles you have created). Please use a long, sophisticated password to avoid easy hacking of your site. Click next.

  8. In the User location list, choose the location for the user account that will run Enfold Server. (For more information about this step, see Users & Security Reference Guide).

    • In most cases, you will want to use an account on your Windows domain so you can manage Enfold Server users in Active Directory and take advantage of the single sign-on feature. Click On domain yourdomain.
    • If you are on a small-office network using Windows Workgroups, click On the local machine yourmachine.
    • If you want to install Enfold Server for a quick demonstration or test, click LocalSystem account on yourmachine.

    Caution: Do not use the LocalSystem account for production installations. If a user were able to compromise a server running on this account, the user would get full control over the machine.

  9. Choose whether to create a new user account for Enfold Server or use an existing account. In the User type list, click A new user or An existing user, enter a username and password and click next.

    Caution: For security reasons, do not choose a user account with administrative privileges, such as write access to the Windows registry. The best choice usually is to create a new user.

  10. You will see a list of scheduled tasks for automated site maintenance. Uncheck a box only if you know you don't want the scheduled task. (See this note about running Scheduled Tasks on Windows Server 2003). Click next.

  11. Review your choices and click next. The configuration wizard takes a few minutes to complete its work. When it finishes, click next and then exit to close the installer.

  12. Enfold Server is now configured and running.

    • To view Enfold Server, point your Web browser to http://localhost:8080/Plone.
    • To view the Zope Management Interface (ZMI), point your browser to http://localhost:8080.
    • To perform additional configuration, click Start on the taskbar, point to All Programs, then point to Enfold Server and click Enfold Server Configuration Utility.
  13. After the trial period is over, a permanent license file for Enfold Server is needed. For steps about how to activate the permanent license, see the section Activating the License below.

Next Steps:

See also: Demo Screencast on the Enfold website at

Activating the License

After the trial period is over, a permanent license file for Enfold Server is needed. Enfold Systems provides a .reg file to license holders. In order to install this file, copy it to the machine running Enfold Server and then double click on it. This will install the license information into the windows registry. To verify that the new license is recognized, open up the Encontrol configuration utility. choose the License option. (If you just installed the license, you may need to close the configuration utility and launch it again.