Decoupled Delivery

Combine the power of Plone with an independent, flexible presentation tier.

Your Web site may have been just what your organization needed when it was built. But as your organization matures and new needs arise, you may find your site increasingly locked in the past. Maybe you want to offer a new kind of content. Or perhaps you’d like to respond to visitors’ feedback by reworking pages to showcase what’s most valuable to them.

Unfortunately, your Web site may be so tightly intertwined with a content management system that it’s difficult or impossible to redevelop. Seemingly small changes can require hours of work by a team of developers with hard-to-find skills. Or you may find yourself at the mercy of one vendor, locked into a system only one company can modify.

Enfold Systems can help you solve these problems. With Decoupled Delivery, we install a mechanism that deploys content from the Plone content management system to a relational database. This decoupling process lets you create a flexible public-facing “front end” to deliver Plone content using any popular Web development technology, such as PHP, ASP.NET or JavaServer Pages.

Adaptability, security, performance & reliability

With content delivery decoupled from the deployment system, your Web site becomes much easier to adapt to your organization’s and visitors’ changing needs. Designers and developers with commonly found skills can change how your Web pages look and behave without any need to delve into the programming of your content management system. As added benefits, separating content management system from public Web site increases security, performance and reliability.

Enfold Systems’ Decoupled Delivery solution includes:

  • Installation of workspaces, containers in Plone that deploy content to the delivery server
  • Installation and configuration of Enfold’s "Content-Mirror" open-source software that receives and processes the deployed Plone content
  • Installation and setup of a relational database—such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or PostgreSQL—for content storage on the delivery server

We can perform content delivery decoupling with both existing and new Plone sites. We also can design and develop your new public front-end site.