Sample Inventory Program

Sample Inventory Program (SIP) is an open source Laboratory Inventory Management System (LIMS) built for the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, now called Texas Biomedical Research Institute, under grant numbers, NHLBI grant P01 HL45522 and NCRR grant P51 RR013986.
The open source SIP Application allows you to easily manage laboratory samples.  All of the captured data is searchable and exportable to common file types from an easy-to-use web interface. 


Out-of-the-box features include:

  • Ability to assign Sample Type, Locations, Technicans in a Project by Project basis.  Cross project searches based on Subject Id's, Other Id's, Additional Sample Data, and Sample Types. 
  • Ability to derive Aliquots into other Sample Types, linked to their origin sample.  Ability to split Aliquots into smaller units and put them into separate physical containers.
  • Locations/Containers are heirarchical and can be restricted to a Project.  Shipments act as virtual containers that aliquots may be split among. 
  • Advance Attribute Capture forms enable Project Administrators to specify what attributes for their Sample Types need to be captured for their project.  Now non-technical users can ensure that Lab Technicans capture any attribute for any Sample Type.
  • Batch editing / import available using CSV files - all changes are transactional.  Any functionality that can be done in the web interface is complimented by CSV functionality.
  • Understandable relational model that enables simple reporting to be easily constructed by common third party reporting tools.
  • 100% Web based interface (IE, Mozilla, Safari tested).
  • Click here for additional technical details and screenshots / demos.

Implement with expert help.

Consulting, customization/integration, hosting and support services are available individually or as a turn-key solution to help you plan for, adapt to your needs, easily maintain and/or ensure the long-term viability of the SIP at your organzation.  To learn more, request a callback or email us now!