Advanced Search Engine Integration

Get fast, relevant results with a large body of content.

The larger your Web site, the more difficult it can be for users to find what they need, even with the best of navigation structures. Search is critical for a successful site. But while Plone's standard capabilities are fine for smaller sites, the performance of any basic search engine will start to suffer when the number of content items grows into the thousands, tens of thousands and more. Eventually, users begin to experience long waits for search results, only to be overwhelmed with long lists of items that contain their search term but have nothing to do with what they really want.

Enfold Systems can help you solve this problem with an independent, highly configurable search engine that integrates with your Plone-backed site. Benefits include:

  • Faster searches
  • Highly customizable search queries
  • Advanced capabilities, such as faceted search, so users can further narrow lists of results

When Enfold Systems works with you to choose the right search product and integrate it with your Plone-backed site, your users get the fast, relevant results they expect. Our developers are familiar with a number of products and work with two in particular:

An open-source search engine providing exceptional speed and maximum flexibility. Enfold has worked extensively integrating this tool with Plone on client projects.
Google Search Appliance
For clients who want more of a “plug-and-play” search engine, configurable via a Web browser