Open Source Software

Software developed by Enfold Systems - available under various open source licenses.

CMFSquidTool cleans out the cache of Squid or the leading IIS proxy server, Enfold Proxy


DavPack is a series of fixes for using WebDAV with Plone.


The PluggableAuthService is a UserFolder replacement that allows any part of its functionality to be augmented or replaced by simple plugins.

Plone Lock Manager

This product allows you to administer Plone locks inside the Plone interface.

Plone S5

This product allows you to create presentations straight from Plone in any browser using S5.

Plone Shell

Plone shell is an interactive prompt that mixes a ZEO prompt in with PyCrust.

Sample Inventory Program

SIP is a Laboratory Inventory Management Systems (LIMS) for the Zope 3 application platform that uses a relational database. **NEW VERSION available in Q1 2011**

Zip Code Tool

Calculation of distances between zip codes inside Plone

Upload Reference Widget

Widget that allows users to upload a File, have the file created as content and a reference to the file created as an attribute on the existing content

Enfold Server Components

The various components that were part of Enfold Server have been eggified and individually released under the ZPL open source license. All of these eggs are currently available for your buildout from the Enfold Systems' public distribution server.