Enfold Server Components

The various components that were part of Enfold Server have been eggified and individually released under the ZPL open source license. All of these eggs are currently available for your buildout from the Enfold Systems' public distribution server.


Force authentication based on a pluggable hook that sits in content-space.  


The idea is to provide a framework to register Caching Policy Manager profiles that can be activated/deactivated easily through a Plone UI.


This product aims to be a drop-in product to be installed on your Zope and that will monkeypatch some methods to make Zope (and Zope-based products, including Archetypes) more memory friendly when uploading large files.


Customization of PloneErrorReporting with added functionality for Enfold Server.
Based on PloneErrorReporting by Geoff Davis


  • Ease IFilter testing and configuration
  • Process Affinity


Provides a custom skin for enfold server, not really very interesting at this point as we're mostly interested in the custom functionality (esp. Active Directory integration)


There are 3 primary objects in this package:

  1. Windows ADSI User Folder: a drop-in replacement for LDAPUserFolder.
  2. Windows ADSI Multi Plugin: allows the Windows ADSI User Folder to work with PAS
  3. Windows SSPI/NTLM Authentication Plugin: an authentication plugin for PAS

All of these packages require that the Windows box being installed on is a
member of a Windows domain. 

It will *not* work for Windows workstations in a simple workgroup.


The basic idea is that this product provides a `Type Information`subclassing from `Factory-based Type Information` which on creation uploads a `Template` file sitting on the server to the newly-created object.


Provides indexing of content through the Windows Index server. Things such as Word and Excel are converted to plain text.


  • Needs the pywin32 Python Extensions for Windows: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pywin32/ (if you install the latest version of Plone using the windows installer you get these automatically)
  • Of course, only runs on Windows.  Tested on Windows 2000 Server and Windows XP Pro.


The LDAPMultiPlugins provides PluggableAuthService plugins that use LDAP as the backend for the services they provide. The PluggableAuthService is a Zope user folder product that can be extended in modular fashion using various plugins. See DEPENDENCIES.txt for software needed by this package.

Please make sure to read the documentation included in the LDAPUserFolder package as well.


NOTE: DO NOT install the CMFLDAP GenericSetup extension profile into a Plone site. They are meant for pure CMF sites only and will break Plone. 

This product is a replacement for a Zope user folder. It does not store its own user objects but builds them on the fly after authenticating a user against the LDAP database.


A sample LDAP Multi Plugins Profile for Plasma.


The idea behind Plasma is to provide two things:

  • A framework for registering install snippets for plugins and 'profiles' that can be activated easily.
  • A (Plone-ized) UI for managing installation and activation of plugins and authentication profiles.


This product provides some of the server side components for Enfold Desktop.


Zope ADO Database Adapter - inspired by ZODBCA but using ADO via pywin32 instead.

Outstanding Tasks

Verify installation of subset of components to enable Active Directory integration without installing the entire Enfold Server suite.  Currently installing the EnfoldWindowsMultiPlugin, LDAPUserFolder and Plasma should be sufficient for hooking into Active Directory but this is currently still being tested.

There is a dependency on python-ldap for Active Directory integration.  The egg that is pulled in by buildout does not contain or does not properly register the proper dll's.  The current workaround is to remove the python-ldap egg and install python ldap using the windows binaries available.  We are currently exploring solutions for this.