The PluggableAuthService is a UserFolder replacement that allows any part of its functionality to be augmented or replaced by simple plugins.

This makes PluggableAuthService radically flexible, easily extensible, and probably the future of Zope 2 user authentication. PlonePAS was originally begun at a sprint with Cignex.  Now Plone can use this new user source. PlonePAS extends and adapts PAS and the Plone UI.

The PAS architecture allows for customizers to adapt any aspect of membership—memberdata, groups, roles, user, authentication strategy and many other aspects of user data source integration. It is also shared between Zope Corp. products, CPS, and now Plone. This software was started at the San Jose sprint and was brought to life by Enfold Systems. Some interesting possibilities with PlonePAS:

  • NTLM Authentication (automatically signing into a system if you are on a windows domain)
  • Mixing and matching group sources (ZODB/RDBMS/LDAP) with user sources (ZODB/RDBMS/LDAP)
  • Handling properties in an RDBMS system
  • Being able to know if a property is mutable in the datasource (only available in PlonePAS)
  • Search based interface for users/groups
  • Ability to easily add custom behavior by simply adding a Plugin and turning it on

PlonePAS should be thoroughly evaluated and tested before deployment on a production platform, and please report any bugs. See the README for more details.


Available versions of the software can be found in the download area.