Zip Code Tool

Calculation of distances between zip codes inside Plone

This tool takes data from the US government to calculate distances between zip codes. If you have a zip code of every coffee shop and a zip code of a person, you could list to the user all the coffee shops with 10 miles for example.

The tool does this by calculating off line the pre-defined distances between zip codes, eg all zip codes 5 miles away from this one. This calculation can take a long time. Once thats done the data is loaded into a tool inside Plone ready for querying.

More information can be found in the README.txt inside the product. Note: this product does nothing useful out of the box, it provides an API for your application to use.


This work was kindly sponsored by LawTek Media Group LLC. Thank you to Steve Steinmetz and Toby Franklin for allowing us to release this code.


Available versions of the software can be found in the download area.