Consulting Approach

Enfold Systems' process to deliver Plone based content management systems helps better estimate costs, mitigates risks and produces quality results. Our team is experienced in both Linux and Windows environments, and shares a high regard for successful project execution.

Project Management

Our methodology was built by taking advantage of the best of Scrum, the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and eXtreme Programming.  Projects are managed tightly and welcome extensive client involvement in weekly project status meetings, daily “scrums” and software development efforts.  Our goal is enable the client to “own” the application at project completion.

Some of the benefits to our process include:

    • Lower overall project cost
    • Improved productivity and project control
    • Quantifiable business value in weeks versus months
    • Improved communications


Enfold Systems has a commitment to well-written and maintainable software. Our components use fully commented public interfaces that integrate with external subsystems.  In addition, Unit and Integration tests are created for all developed components to ensure the code works; and as the system evolves, tests can validate that the system is in proper working order. 

Custom Software Development

Throughout the course of a project, software code is used, modified and re-contributed to the community.  This method allows entities to use the software, have more available features, and ensure long-term viability of the solution at a fraction of the cost of proprietary software.

Q/A and Testing Process

Quality Assurance of the software is maintained by a strict discipline of testing software components.  Programmers test the user interface and focus their attention on the integration points, as well as the components they are assigned.  Quality Assurance personnel and Project Managers test the end user experience of the components and ensure that all requirements are fulfilled.  The client is ultimately responsible for end-user testing and acceptance of the system throughout the project delivery process.


Building websites to meet user demands now and in the future requires experienced planning and utilization of best practices.  We have significant experience in this area, including building sophisticated caching redirectors and clusters.


Enfold Systems understands the balance between scalability, integration, administration and maintenance.  We have extensive integration experience from Windows to Linux and from Web Services to low level C API wrapping for the Python programming language.