Enfold Server Downloads

Find the latest version of Enfold Server along with our software archive.

IMPORTANT:  Enfold Server has reached its End-of-life.

Enfold Server 5.0

The 5.0 version of Enfold Server is the FINAL release of our "Plone for Windows" distribution. It utilizes the buildout mechanism, and is intended to provide current Enfold Server customers a simpler migration path to the core Plone platform.

   - Windows Installer

The Enfold Server Windows installer is a buildout based version of Plone 3.3.x with the tools and features previously available in Enfold Server.  Please note: this installer no longer includes the installation wizard and “encontrol” management interface.  Download

   - Enfold Server Components for Buildout

The various components of Enfold Server 5 have been eggified and released under the ZPL open source license.  These eggs are currently available on Enfold Systems' public distribution server; learn more or download now.

Archive Versions