Enfold Desktop Requirements

Enfold Desktop consists of two components, one of which is optional:

* Learn more about Windows 7 and Plone 4 compatibility

  • A Client component, which runs on each user’s computer
      • Administrator privileges on the client computer
      • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003 or Vista
        • Windows 7 is not yet supported
  • An optional Server component which runs as an add-on product to the Plone server
      • Plone 2.x - 3.0.x, on any operating system.
        • Plone 3.1.x or newer (buildout based Plone) is not yet supported.
        • Enfold Server ships with this component already installed.
        • Enfold Server, Enfold Proxy and a Windows domain login are required to utlize the optional single sign-on feature.