What's New in Enfold Desktop

Key new features in Version 4.6 (January 2009)

  • UI improvements to the link-integrity confirmation dialog.
  • Fixed issues with non-ascii characters in a document's title and error messages.
  • Fixed issues where on some PCs and for some file extensions which caused the context menu not to display.
  • Improved handling of default column widths.
  • Content-type for a document is now displayed on a new column.
  • Now licenses can be detected by selecting "Refresh Server" on the context menu (previously, you needed to log out and on again).
  • Fixed timeout behavior when connecting to a firewalled machine (it is now much shorter) and when putting large content to Zope (it is now longer).
  • Fixed issue about Enfold Desktop error reporting tool that occurred when the remote server was offline or unreachable.


Key new features in Version 4.5 (October 2008)

  • Full Windows Vista support for 32 bit and 64 bit machines. See Enfold Desktop and Windows Vista .

  • Works with Plone 3x and supports several key Plone 3x features:

    • Versioning. Each time you check in a new version with Enfold Desktop, it will appear on the history tab for the web page in the browser. That means you can roll back changes to previous versions, regardless of whether the page was edited inside a web browser or Enfold Desktop. (more about versioning)
    • Link Integrity. Enfold Desktop now correctly detects and warns about a 'Link Integrity Breach' (new in Plone 3.x) whenever you try to delete a file or page being linked to by another page. A new dialog identifies which pages will be adversely affected by the deletion and lets you proceed with the deletion or to cancel it altogether. (more about link integrity)
    • Content rules. This new Plone 3x feature now works correctly in Enfold Desktop.
    • Plone Administrators are now able to hide certain content types from Enfold Desktop. This can be especially useful when a content type is not WebDAV-enabled (and thus cannot be edited by Enfold Desktop). Go to Plone Site Setup --> Add-on Product Configuration (on the same page)--> Enfold Desktop. From the Blacklist Types, choose the type you wish to exclude.

 Bugs Fixed

  • Creating a subfolder of 'portal_skins/custom' did not work.
  • Browsing the Plone Site root with the option to show portal tools enabled would show a lot of errors in the error log due to trying to check for enabled discussion on portal tools.
  • If Ads were displayed, sometimes a 'Script Error' would pop up due to an intermittent failure in loading external javascript files by Internet Explorer.
  • Copying a file into the same directory or re-uploading the same file would end up changing the wrong file title. Instead of changing the title of the uploaded file, it changed the title of the existing one.
  • Creating a folder and renaming it right away would fail to change the title to the newly provided name.
  • Renaming a file through the properties dialog would fail with a 'File not found' error.
  • When renaming a file through the properties dialog and pressing the 'Apply' button (thus, leaving the properties dialog open), the next change made to properties would cause an exception because the dialog was still bound to the old resource URL.
  • Some settings were not completely removed from the registry on an uninstall.
  • Disabling normalization of filenames in the Enfold Desktop control panel on Plone's 'Site Setup' would disable Plone's 'rename after creation' feature that generates an id from the provided title when creating content through the Plone UI.
  • Overly long filenames could still cause failures. When we detect such a condition now we call Win32 API 'GetShortPathName()' on the path element, which gives us a little more breathing room.
  • 'View in Enfold Desktop' action in Plone was changed to 'Edit using Enfold Desktop' to better reflect the action that takes place.
  • Enfold Desktop was still reporting itself as 'Plone Desktop', even though the public name changed a long time ago. This was for backwards compatibility with older (2.x) Enfold Desktop Server Components.