Enfold Desktop - Windows 7 / Plone 4 compatibility

Enfold Systems will work with the Plone community and current users to determine the future of Enfold Desktop.

Singleboxset_desktop.jpgCurrently, there are no definite plans for the future of Enfold Desktop. With virtually no paying customers, the cost to maintain the product has become too expensive for us to actively maintain on our own. Therefore, we are considering making Enfold Desktop open source software.

As part of this effort we may ask current users to chip-in to help us fund the effort to make the software compatible with Windows 7 and Plone 4.

As more information becomes available, we will post on our website and to this list.  Our goal is to make a final decision regarding Enfold Desktop’s future by the end of 2011.

UPDATE - June 29, 2011:  Enfold Desktop 4.7 beta is compatible with Plone 4.