Enfold Server 5.0 now available

Enfold Systems has released the final version of Enfold Server, now at its End-of-life. In addition to the Windows installer, Enfold Server's components are now available under an open source license.

The 5.0 version of Enfold Server is the FINAL release of our "Plone for Windows" distribution. It utilizes the buildout mechanism, and is intended to provide current Enfold Server customers a simpler migration path to the core Plone platform.  New features in Enfold Server 5.0 include:

    • Singleboxset_Server.jpgAdoption of buildout mechanism

    • Supports relstorage out-of-the-box

    • Plone 3.3.5

    • Zope 2.11.6 / ZODB 3.9.4

Click here to download Enfold Server 5.0 and/or its components.