Simplified support & newly free Enfold software

Enfold Systems has simplified its software support offering and drastically reduced prices, in addition to now offering Enfold Server free for use.

Support Subscriptions

Enfold Systems' "Basic" and "Standard" subscriptions have been combined into one, lower cost yet full service, offering for users of Enfold Systems software.

Our new 1 year "Support Subscription" includes all of the Standard level features, but for a price over 40% less than our Basic level of service.  The new support subscription includes:

  • One year of access to new releases, security fixes & web-based support
  • Unlimited number of support incidents
  • 2 business day or less response
  • 4 business hour or less response with phone access for severe incidents
    • 8 am. to 6 pm. central time, Monday – Friday, excluding US holidays
  • Learn more about our new Support Subscriptions and their pricing.

Enfold Server now free for use

Our main goal in developing Enfold Server was to provide a supported Plone installation bundle that worked "out-of-the-box" with Active Directory and other Microsoft Windows infrastructure.  As Plone's popularity and feature set continues to grow exponentially, Enfold has found it increasingly difficult to quickly integrate the newest releases of Plone and independently maintain these complex Windows integrations. 

In addition, the "buildout" mechanism now utilized for bundling the Plone CMS across all platforms has virtually eliminated the need to maintain Enfold Server as a separately bundled application.  Therefore, Enfold Systems is taking steps over the coming months to phase-out future development of Enfold Server.  

Our first step is to allow the current release, version 4.5, to now be used for free.   In late September / early October 2009, we will release Enfold Server 5 (buildout based), also for free.  The only cost for Enfold Server will be an optional Support Subscription

The final step is to release the source code for Enfold's proprietary Plone add-ons bundled in Enfold Server.  "The goal in releasing the source code is to benefit the community and enable our customers to transition from Enfold Server, yet maintain the functionality they rely on”, said Alan Runyan, President of Enfold Systems and co-founder of Plone.  We expect to complete the release of this source code in the 1st quarter of 2010. 

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