Enfold Server 4.5 Final Release

Enfold Systems has released a production-ready version of Enfold Server 4.5. Get the professionally supported Plone distribution designed specifically for Windows-trained system administrators.
  • Using Easy Install to upgrade/install Plone products and libraries is now supported.

  • Enables Enfold Server to configure scheduled tasks in Server 2003.

  • Updates Plone to version 3.1.7.

  • Upgrades several libraries and contains bug fixes for Kupu, browser compatibility, internationalization and the interface.

  • Includes several small new features, including an option to disable inline editing and another to choose versioning to be manual instead of automatic.

  • Repairs bugs specific to Enfold Server related to Windows authentication, installation and Kupu.

  • Now includes a new 200+ page User Guide to Plone as a PDF.

Click here to download Enfold Server 4.5 Final.

Enfold Proxy 4.6 Maintenance release is now available click here to download.

Enfold Desktop 4.6 Maintenance release is now available click here to download