Enfold Proxy 7.0 now available

Enfold Systems has released the final, production-ready, version of Enfold Proxy 7.0

Singleboxset_proxy.jpgEnfold Proxy 7.0 is a major release of Enfold Systems Microsoft IIS Web Server integration with Plone. This seventh major version is the result of ongoing client and implementer feedback.

New features in Enfold Proxy 7.0 include:

  • Full support for the etag and vary HTTP headers.
  • 64 bit versions of Enfold Proxy (EP) now support XDV/XSLT Caching.
  • EP now supports "split view" caching. This allows EP to use different caching methods for different parts of the same page.
  • Works with Plone 3 / 4 and with plone.app.caching add-on.
  • Updated Enfold Proxy documentation

Click here to download Enfold Proxy 32 bit or 64 bit versions
or read the change log for more details on Enfold Proxy 7.