Open Source Content Management

Enfold Systems offers license free enterprise website content management using the Plone CMS. Great for intranets, extranets, public websites and portals. We also provide commercial software to enable advanced Windows integration to your existing infrastructure.

With the award-winning Plone content management system, you CAN have it all:

  1. You are free to install, use and modify Plone - it's open source software.
  2. You are free to customize Plone to fit your business needs – not fit your business to a vendor's proprietary software.
  3. You are free to choose your platform - Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris

Plone is free. . .but what is it?

Plone is a Content Management System that does what a good content management system should do - make it easy for non-technical users to manage the information on a website.  It also does a few other things as well:

  • Offers outstanding search engine visibility.  Perfect for SEO efforts!
  • Powerful Workflow Engine - Automate your business processes
  • Keeps track of users, their permissions and changes made to your website
  • Speaks Your Language.  Available in over 35 languages
  • Easy integration with Active Directory, LDAP and SQL databases
  • Learn more about Plone at or download an 8 page PDF
  • Learn more about Enfold's involvement with Plone on our advocacy page.

plone_logoKeep Good Company

Organizations as diverse as NASA, YaleOxfam and Nokia all use Plone for content management.  From small websites to global intranets, Plone can scale to fit your organization.  Search among the vast number of publicly available Plone sites, by industry, at

Existing Infrastructure

Enfold Systems offers even more choices for organizations with advanced integration needs.  Reuse your existing infrastructure, including Windows, and your staff trained in popular Web technologies including PHP, Java and .Net.  Learn more about Enfold Systems software and services

Real World

Learn more in case studies and visit web sites from a few of Enfold's clients.