Platform Sunset Policy

A key part of what we do at Enfold Systems is to invest in technology that lets customers deploy leading-edge Plone solutions in their enterprises. An important part of this ongoing effort is managing the cost of supporting older releases.

Consulting Clients

Enfold Systems requires migrations / upgrades before performing new project work, or providing support under a Service Level Agreement ("SLA"), on systems using outdated software.

Supported Versions

Software release 2011 2012 2013
Enfold Server/Proxy/Desktop 6.x - 7.x 6.x - 8.x 7.x - 8.x
Plone 3.x - 4.x 3.3 - 5.x 4.x - 5.x

Software Customers

Enfold Systems provides support services to customers with an active subscription for the current major version of each Enfold software product, plus the previous major version. The major version is the part of the version number to the left of the leftmost dot (for example, the “4” in 4.0.1).

You may continue to use unsupported versions.  If you later decide to upgrade, and are upgrading more than one major version, support for upgrading your product will require an hourly fee–based project.

Windows Support

Enfold Systems will support Enfold software running on versions of Windows currently supported by Microsoft under the "mainstream" and "extended" support phases.

    • Typically a 10 year period from initial release of the operating system
    • Currently includes Windows 2000 operating systems and newer
    • For more information please visit Microsoft's website