What's New in Enfold Proxy



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Version 7.0 (December, 2010)

New features include:

  • Full Support for the etag and vary HTTP headers.
  • 64 bit versions of Enfold Proxy (EP) now support XDV/XSLT Caching.
  • EP now supports "split view" caching. This allows EP to use different caching methods for different parts of the same page. This can be helpful in caching components of a web page for logged in users.
  • Works with Plone 3 and 4 and with plone.app.caching add-on.


  • The ordering of the proxy definitions in the ep.ini file no longer affects how or whether EP will process them. You can optionally use excludes_regex for more fine-grained control over which proxy definition acts upon a particular URL.
  • EP will not store requests which were initially found to be invalid.

Version 6.1 (September, 2010)

New features include:

  • Added an option in the EP configuration tool to disable one or more proxy definitions temporarily.
  • More support for XDV theming. Added a way to select a theme by not meeting a certain rule (more).
  • Added documentation for developers about more complex configurations of XDV themes. That includes: Selecting a theme based on URLs and/or HTTP headers.
  • Added the absolute prefix field to XDV definitions. This field allows EP to rewrite relative URLs.
  • Added options which will specify actions to take in response to 500 messages. 

Version 6.0 (April, 2010)

New features include:

  • Added ability to provide policy over how load balancing schedulers route requests.
  • Implemented XDV theming. For more information, see the XDV tutorial.

  • When a remote host closed its connection, Enfold Proxy now correctly detects a prematurely closed socket.

  • Do not use rewrite feature of IIS 7 site if Enfold Proxy is being used on the site.