Plone Intranets / Extranets

The award-winning, open source, Plone content management system makes a great intranet / extranet because of its intuitive interface and powerful "out-of the-box" feature set that can be customized and extended to meet complex business requirements.

Intranets Made Simple

Are you looking for a way to create, save and organize information important to your company?  Are you convinced that corporate knowledge is being wasted as documents are developed that already exist?  Have you always dreamed of a central workspace where corporate teams can collaborate, share files and manage projects?

Plone offers the features required in today’s Intranet sites including:

    • Secure sharing and site access across the organization with individual or group permissions to content and folders.
    • Allow some or all employees to publish information with a friendly and intuitive tool to create and add content.
    • Use workflows and versioning to simplify the content review process, plus the ability to audit and manage content lifecycles.
    • Single sign-on and a fast, scalable, platform to enhance employee adoption and productivity.

Extranets Made Easy

An Extranet, like an Intranet, is a tool to offer information to specific users.  However,the users are typically "off-site" employees, clients, customers and partners using private information.

A few examples of how companies build relationships using Plone include:

  • Global Corporations: Plone is used by multi-location, global companies to aggregate and present information to allow users to make informed decisions.  Additionally, remote users continually receive important communications.
  • Law, CPA and other Client Focused Firms: These organizations use Plone to create a dedicated, secure communication channel for sensitive client information: Share, store and search documents, use shared calendars for important dates and facilitate efficient client interactions.
  • Higher Education and Associations: Plone is used to create work spaces where faculty, researchers and other team members can contribute to and collaborate on projects and programs to reduce the barrier of working together remotely.

A Plone based Extranet can also be used to create private newsgroups to share ideas, present educational materials, share product catalogs with partners and much more!

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Why Plone? and What Can I do with Plone?

Consulting, customization/integration, hosting and support services are available individually or as a turn-key solution to help you plan for, adapt to your needs, easily maintain and/or ensure the long-term viability of Plone at your organization.  To learn more, request a callback / email us now!