Enfold releases Server 4.5 public beta

Enfold Systems today made the first public beta release of Enfold Server 4.5, the product that is designed specifically for Windows-trained system administrators.

Caution: Beta software is for testing and review only and should not be used on mission-critical sites.

Enfold Server 4.5 Beta is for users who want to review new features, test with existing Plone sites and alert Enfold about any critical, must-fix issues. New features in Enfold Server 4.5 include:

  • Updates Plone to version  3.1.7.
  • Upgrades several libraries and contains bug fixes for Kupu, browser compatibility, internationalization and the interface.
  • Includes several small new features, including an option to disable inline editing and another to choose versioning to be manual instead of automatic.
  • Repairs bugs specific to Enfold Server related to Windows authentication, installation and Kupu.
  • Now includes a new 200+ page User Guide to Plone as a PDF.

Click here to download Enfold Server 4.5 beta. 

Depending on user feedback, the production-ready Enfold Server 4.5 release should be available within a few weeks.