Enfold Proxy 6 Release Candidate

Enfold Systems makes the Release Candidate of Enfold Proxy 6, the product that makes it easier than ever to boost Plone’s performance, available for testing. This is the last release before a final version will be available.

Singleboxset_proxy.jpgCAUTION: Beta / Release Candidate software is for testing and review only and should NOT be used on production websites.  Enfold Proxy 6.0 Release Candidate is for users who want to review new features, test with existing Plone sites and alert Enfold about any critical, must-fix issues. 

New features in Enfold Proxy 6.0 include:

  •  Load balancing based on criteria
    • Enfold Proxy can now be configured based on HTTP request parameters to route requests to specific load balancing pools. Three practical cases used in production include: logged in users, anonymous users, and crawlers.  Systems with heavy crawler activity can offload to a machine with less resources and reserve premium resources for editors or the public.
  • XDV integration
    • Enfold Proxy now supports XDV, a themeing mechanism which enables site designers to more easily apply a new design using content generated from the Plone CMS.  An example is taking a static XHTML/CSS design and replacing different aspects of the static page with dynamic information from Plone.
  • The 6.0 release resolve numerous bugs inside of load balancing connection handling, cache efficiency and installation.
  • Updated / improved documentation.

Click here to download Enfold Proxy 6.0 Release Candidate for windows 32 bit.

Click here to download Enfold Proxy 6.0 Release Candidate for windows 64 bit.

Depending on user feedback, the final, production-ready, Enfold Proxy 6.0 release should be available within a two weeks.