Enfold Proxy 4.5 Final Release

Enfold Systems has released a production-ready version of Enfold Proxy 4.5.

P_Singleboxset.jpgEnfold Proxy is the fast, easy, affordable way to speed up Plone and many other Web applications running on Windows. Version 4.5 includes powerful new features to help users squeeze better performance from their existing Web application servers.

  •  Native support for Vista 32 bit and Vista 64 bit
  •  Support for 64 bit IIS6 and IIS7
  •  A new setting for the log files makes it easier to read HTTP headers and ensure caching is taking place
  •  General user interface and documentation improvements
  •  Cache is now RFC compliant, improving Enfold Proxy's ability to work with existing caching infrastructure and tools.
  •  Reported bug fixes

Click here to download Enfold Proxy. 

Complete details are available at the Enfold Proxy page.