Enfold Desktop 4.7 beta

Enfold Systems today made available the beta release of Enfold Desktop 4.7. This release includes features that bring Plone with Enfold Desktop closer to SharePoint-like functionality.

Caution: Beta software is for testing and review only and should not be used in mission-critical situations.

Enfold Desktop 4.7 Beta  is for users who want to review new features, test with existing Plone sites and alert Enfold about any critical, must-fix issues. New features in Enfold Desktop 4.7 include:

  • Singleboxset_desktop.jpgNotification mechanism which monitors file changes; when a file changes, Enfold Desktop will save the local modifications to the server.
  • When Microsoft Word closes, the document will be automatically unlocked on the Plone server - this was a manual operation in previous versions.
  • Bug fixes with Mimetype/edit in Enfold Desktop activity.  Specifically the ability to click inside of Plone and launch the local application which can edit that document type. i.e. Under actions click "edit in desktop" and, if Enfold Desktop is installed locally, Microsoft Word will launch.


Please report any issues found on our Enfold Desktop issue tracker.  Depending on user feedback, the production-ready Enfold Desktop 4.7 final release should be available within 1-2 months.