Enfold Desktop 4.5 Final Release

Enfold Systems has released a production-ready version of Enfold Desktop 4.5.

D_Singleboxset.jpgEnfold Desktop helps you save time managing content with a new version that gives you Windows desktop access to any Plone Site.

  • Full Windows Vista support for 32 bit and 64 bit machines
  • Works with Plone 3.x and supports several key Plone 3.x features
  • Versioning: Each time you check in a new version with Enfold Desktop, it will appear on the history tab for the web page in the browser. That means you can roll back changes to previous versions, regardless of whether the page was edited inside a web browser or Enfold Desktop.
  • Link Integrity: Enfold Desktop now correctly detects and warns about a 'Link Integrity Breach' (new in Plone 3.x) whenever you try to delete a file or page being linked to by another page. A new dialog identifies which pages will be adversely affected by the deletion and lets you proceed with the deletion or to cancel it altogether.
  • Content rules: This new Plone 3.x feature is now available in Enfold Desktop
  • Reported bug fixes

Click here to download Enfold Desktop 4.5, or click here for more details.