2009 in Review

Enfold Systems' reflection on 2009

Most will agree that 2009 was one of the toughest economic years since the .com bust in early 2000.   Enfold Systems is very thankful to our loyal customers and new client partners who enabled us to retain all of the Plone / Zope experts we have brought together since our inception.

We had many exciting new clients including:

  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - migration to Plone from Redhat CMS
  • Plinkit Collaborative - version 2.0 / productization of the Plone based system
  • Colorado Department of Transportation - Plone performance / high availability solution
  • Amtrak - new Plone based Vendor RFP website
  • Connexions / Enterprise Rhaptos - productization of the software

See case studies and websites in our Clients section.

In addition we doubled our number of ongoing Support Clients and drastically increased our number of Hosting Clients.  This growth has helped us reduce individual client costs and increased our experience dealing with complex website content management issues.

Of particular interest is our significant investment in the specialty of Plone Performance and Optimization.  As Plone continues to grow in its use worldwide, scaling the system to meet diverse needs requires significant experience. 

Our staff is currently preparing for the upcoming release of Plone 4.0.  Along with migration / compatibility testing, we are in the process of updating our book, "A User's Guide To Plone" to be released in step with the software.